FPM, from “FabbricaPelleterieMilano”, that was born in 1946, is a brand of luxury leather goods, which, in the last decade, continuously became widespread, and reached an acknowledged presence in the world of luxury brands. The enterprise has the mission to create, produce and distribute products of leather suitcases, leather goods and their accessories, as well as to manage their production and distribution.


FPM is conscious of its origins and its goals, therefore it puts at its center the staff that works and cooperates with the enterprise. FPM thinks that it is essential to guarantee the respect of the persons who participate in the corporate activity, and it does not tolerate any form of discrimination and persecution. Therefore, FPM pledges itself to guarantee the same opportunities to each individual employee, without discrimination of sex, race, religion, as well as of political, personal and social opinions. FPM hopes that its family will increasingly become greater; but, regardless of the corporate growth, the FPM values such as trust, honesty and fairness remain unchanged. FPM has the essential special quality to guarantee safe and healthy work environments, in which the physical and mental integrity of each individual Employee is and shall be safeguarded, by means of the respect and the consideration of maximum levels of protection of the staff and the prevention of accidents, as well as through constant and continuous attention and effort to improve the corporate safety conditions.


For FPM, the respect of the environment is an essential value that is pursued through bearable management when running its activity and by supporting initiatives and projects that fight wasting the resources. Positively this enterprise takes care of the quality of the environment, by setting for itself the new aim of correctly managing second-hand goods. FPM, by starting its policy of Eco-bearableness or sustainability, thanks to a sound and reliable network of cooperators, guarantees a service of collection and recycling of aluminum and of any plastic materials that make the corporate products. This policy allows customers: both not to be worried about searching a proper place for disposal, and to succeed in helping the fight against wasting resources.


The collection called “Bank” was designed to be safe as a “caveau” (vault): it is made possible, thanks to the attention to the quality of all components of this collection and to the perfect union between craft work on one side, and innovative and leading production techniques on the other side. Both butterfly locks, elements that distinguish all lines of this brand, have been designed to stand any shock and are tested in extreme conditions to guarantee that any accidental opening is impossible.

The attention FPM pays to the quality of its products is one of the elements that distinguish the world of FPM: the materials continuously are subject to strict tests so as to guarantee maximum efficiency. Hereunder FPM lists the tests passed by all products for sale:

- TEST OF WHEELS, to check the integrity and the performance of wheels and their attachments.

- DROP TEST to check the resistance of all internal and external components of any end-product, by drops from various heights and according to various angles.

- RESISTANCE TEST to check the strength and the resistance of end-products, when stressed in their components, by pulling (drawing) and lifting (handles).

- PULL TEST, to check the strength and resistance under pulling, of the end products.

- TUMBLE TEST, to check the structural integrity of each end-product and its components if they are subject to strict use.

- TEST OF LOCKS to test the effectiveness of locking devices.

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