Bank Zip Deluxe Deluxe SPINNER 76

Discover Bank Zip Deluxe, an exquisite collection crafted in Italy from premium polycarbonate, meticulously designed to embody both featherweight durability and functionality. Its defining feature is the innovative zip closure, seamlessly blending style with convenience. The distinctive elastic band, adorned with an embroidered logo, elegantly fastens alongside the iconic aluminum butterfly lock—a timeless hallmark of the brand. Complemented by supple leather handles, reinforced aluminum corners, and a set of four dual wheels, this collection ensures smooth, effortless maneuverability in every journey
$ 1,225.00

Product Specifications

Height76 cm. / 29,9 inch
Width51 cm. / 20 inch
Depth28 cm. / 11 inch
Weight5,5 Kg / 12,1 lbs
Volume90 Lt.
External composition: 97% polycarbonate -3% calf leather Internal composition: 99% polyester- 1% calf leather
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